Harvest Bounty

Here at Blackcreek Farm, we have been fortunate to enjoy a bountiful harvest following a year with much rain, certainly more than usual.

The wine begins fermentation.
Glenda creates a new “Chameleon Vessel”

Two dozen packets of fresh sweet corn in the freezer await the reminding of taste buds when weather turns cold.

Eight quarts of a new project – “Pinot Jam” – shortly I’ll be tasting on fresh cinnamon bread.

Applesauce shares the freezer with frozen juice from the Concord and Catawba vines.

Off now to walk the farm with Sweet Betty and Muddy Waters the 2nd at my side.

A glorious summer has come and gone, an autumn begins in earnest, and we give thanks for the simple things, here at Blackcreek Farm.

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