Thomas Ford Conlan


    Tom Conlan lives, writes, and tends his modest grape vines in the highlands of Northern Michigan. 

    He has captained a Coast Guard Cutter, sailed the world’s lakes and oceans, and occasionally, when fortunate, searches for the elusive brook trout in backwater streams.          

    Gentle Spirits, a literary novel, will be released in May 2023 by Legacy Book Press. 

    His lyrical memoir “My Journey Begins Where the Road Ends…” was released in June 2017, by Mission Point Press and is available in print or ebook through Amazon, Nook, and selected independent bookstores.  

    Tom’s prose has appeared in print in Vine Leaves Literary Journal, in Tulip Tree Review, in the anthology, “The Water Holds No Scars,” in QU Literary Review, and in Walloon Writers Review. Poetry has appeared in The Avocet, Outlaw Poetry, Walloon Writers Review, Michigan Trout Magazine, Peninsula Poets, and the V Press LC Anthology. His work was chosen as a finalist for the Annie Dillard Prize in the Bellingham Review.

    Tom attended the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte, and a Master of Science from the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California.


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