Return (from) Sorrento

A whirlwind tour of Italy was wonderful. From Roma to Firenze, Venetia, Assisi, and the Amalfi Coast.  Many stops in between – tried valiantly to straighten the leaning tower in Pisa and avoid the fifty year flood in Venice on the full moon.

I’ve returned to my author’s copy of the Walloon Writers Review. Many thanks to the editor for including my prose poem, ‘North Woods Dream’ – please find this lovely written publication, and support writer’s work – lift yourself above the morass…

CCI11092018_0001 (2)


Work on my novel – tentatively titled ‘Gentle Spirits’ is steady, slow, and careful. What a wonder, to discover new characters, and find out where they may lead you.

Meanwhile, please enjoy Firenze (Florence) at Sunset –

Firenze at Sunset

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