Willie Lomax Blues

Willie Lomax Blues

Feeling like a salesman home from the road

Shoulders sag from the weight

of a book newly released.


He skipped breakfast watched lunch pass on by

coffee keeps him moving til the end of the day.

With each small bookstore Willie encounters

a fresh, happy face

Come in can I help oh so busy

Summer crowd you see.


Willie stands in back feigning

occasionally a cover draws him in

he picks up a book while the bookseller

rings another sale he waits patiently

gathers his courage and practices his pitch.


She meets his eyes finally unsure at first

I am not a salesman, I am a writer

I have a book.


She was about to order one from the press or

Lovely cover, I’ll take three or

Please, we don’t like walk-ins or

Do you have five? Let’s set a date for signing.



A check and a promise in hand

a hundred dollar bill

the salesman cracks open a beer.

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